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Improving Your Skills To Resolve Issues: Preventing and Managing Conflict Within Teams In A Dental Practice Setting

About this Seminar

Topics covered will include basic conflict management theories, a model to assess a situation, preparing self and preparing for what another person brings to the table, clarifying the issues, setting your goals, knowing your needs and the other person’s needs, finding common ground, developing options, working with others to find durable solutions and practice of the model.


Andrew D. Butt

B.Sc., B. Ed., M.S.T., C. Med., C.Arb

William G. Kelly

MA (Conflict Analysis & Management), C. Med

About Andrew D. Butt

B.Sc., B. Ed., M.S.T., C. Med., C.Arb

For the past 20 years, Andy has been providing consulting and direct service to clients to help them manage or recover from workplace conflict. He has also had over 20 years of successful management and executive experience in organizations with up to 1000 employees. The breadth of his services include prevention activities such as training, coaching and consulting up to and including mediations, collective agreement grievance arbitration and harassment investigations. Andy holds the Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator designations granted by the ADR Institute of Canada

About William G. Kelly

MA (Conflict Analysis & Management), C. Med

Bill has been educated at Royal Roads University, Victoria BC and has focused his study on the role of managers in assisting teams to work cooperatively and to perform to their highest level. He has worked in the conflict management field for more than fifteen years and his practice includes prevention services, coaching, mediation and training. Bill holds the Chartered Mediator designation granted by the ADR Institute of Canada.

  • Location Salon CD
  • Date 2019 June 15
  • Start time 1:00 pm
  • End time 4:00 pm
  • Credit hours 3
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